Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In preparation for our field trip Thursday

LACMA has a thorough write up on the exhibition, as well as several interesting related blog posts which I encourage you to check out.  The perspective of the gift shop personnel is especially entertaining.

Tim Burton at LACMA


  1. Having seen the exhibit twice already, I know what everyone has to be looking forward to..!

    I really enjoyed his work, especially how the exhibit was partly based on artistic experience, with the small dark light show room in the middle of the tour. Some of the art pieces take time to understand, so it's important not to rush through the exhibit by taking quick glances at the works. If you take your time to individually reflect on at least a few of Burton's abstractions, you might find something inspiring.

  2. Honestly his work is magnificent. The twisted but complex drawings are a force to be reckoned with... I saw the exhibit in New York (which was a lot more in depth then the current one in LA) and it was amazing. He's a mad man..(in a good way obviously).. but how else could he create these masterpieces! But then again I've always loved Tim Burton since "A Night Before Christmas," my favorite movie when I was little. Anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed the exhibition!

  3. I'm disappointed that I was unable to attend the exhibit, but glad I had the opportunity to see it over the summer. He truly is the definition of an artist in all forms. Be it film, comics, sketches, paintings, drawings, anything! The arrangement of the exhibit is impeccably done--the viewer journeys through Burton's course as an artist to see how far he has come.

    As for the gift shop--last time I went I wanted everything. I currently have a poster from the exhibit hung up in my room! Hope the field trip went well and everyone enjoyed the exhibit!

  4. Burton manages to flesh out the humor in his mind which is filled with dark themes and really crazy eccentric ideas... I can say that almost every work I see by him makes me happy yet they are all gothic and have a creepy feel. i love him. Stain boy is my favorite character. thank you for giving us the opportunity to see this (although it was my third time seeing the exhibit, and I yet again loved every moment of it).

    -Penny Lane

  5. I enjoyed my time at lacma and think that seeing the exhibit shows us so much more about the portrayal of the sleepy hollow movie. I thought his work was incredible and an interesting element to study the "strange in America" as his art and movies have become so integrated into American culture.