Friday, January 20, 2012

How many slaves work for you?

While slavery was eradicated in the U.S. through the thirteenth amendment, it continues to this day around the world through sweatshops, forced mining of minerals, and many other grievous labor practices.  Every time you buy cheap, mass-manufactured products you risk supporting slave labor abroad.  Check out this site to see what your slavery footprint might be.

Your Slavery Footprint

LA Zinefest is February 19th and Crossroads is invited!

L.A. Zinefest will be held on February 19th at 435 S. Spring St. in downtown L.A. just above The Last Bookstore.  Crossroads has been invited to present our zines; we will have a half table amongst many exhibitors.  A variety of workshops will be held in the bookstore.  If you are interested in attending please let me know so that I can get a potential head count and possibly arrange for transportation from Crossroads.

A list of exhibitors at LA ZinefestThe LA Zinefest blog